Wednesday, 8 February 2012

White Nun at the Nunnery

Got into the office this morning to be greeted to the news that Nick had found a pair of Smew down the Nunnery Lakes, but despite dashing down there straight away, there was no sign of the birds on what little unfrozen water was left.  I spent lunchtime at my desk whilst a group went down the Lakes from the office and relocated the birds on the river but as with the morning were very skittish and flighty so I decided to chance my arm again and took a late lunch.  Again there was no sign of the birds on the either Bob Clarke or E Lakes but as I walked around the bottom end of D Lake, I scanned the river ahead of me and there was the drake, though best part of 100 yards away, but no sign of the redhead.  Knowing how flighty they had been earlier and with temperature still low I didn't try to get any closer and left the bird undisturbed, hopefully they will stay around and there might be a chance of a photo another day...

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