Monday, 3 October 2016

Owls about that!

Although the reason for coming to Bella Coola was to photograph Bears, the birdlife, although sparse, can be equally spectacular.  This morning we left our accommodation and headed towards the bear viewing platform, pausing briefly to pay our respects to the Moose and the mum and cubs Grizzlies that were by the road.  As we neared the turnoff to the platform, I saw something drop into the grass by the road.  Thankfully with no other traffic around us, I slowed right down until up from the grass flew an owl, and thankfully perched in a tree right by the road.  Frantically trying to open the sunroof to poke my lens out of, pulling my groin in the process, there completely unbothered by us was a stunning Barred Owl.

Having spent an fruitless hour on the platform with nothing but a singing American Dipper and a family of Downy Woodpeckers to pass the time, we started the long drive back to Williams Lake.  Just after the crest of 'The Hill', I slammed my brakes on, when sat on top of a dead tree by the road was a Hawk Owl.  It flew across the road and perched on another tree though not particularly close to the road where we could watch it for several minutes.

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