Friday, 1 February 2013

Plentiful Platypuses

Having managed to finally be able to continue our journey north, we dragged ourselves away from Hervey Bay and drove past floods in Rockhampton and forest fires before eventually arriving at Eungella National Park near Mackay.  The target here was the elusive Platypus, and having had our journey delayed by the floods, we were worried that we would only have one evening and morning to stake them out.  However, within seconds of arriving at the view point at Broken River overlooking a slow flowing stretch of the river, there was a Platypus swimming around. Over the rest of the evening and again this morning, we spent several hours watching up to 3 of these fascinating animals, often only a few yards away, totally unfazed by our presence.

When underwater, they were quite easy to follow by the bubbles they were making as they fed, but they regularly surfaced and looked like miniature crocodiles with just their eyes and backs visible when viewed from the bank, but from the road bridge above the river, their whole body could be seen in the clear water.

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