Tuesday, 29 January 2013

All you can eat buffet

Now that the ex-tropical Cyclone Oswald has passed, thing are returning back to normal, though we still can't continue our planned journey north until the floodwaters recede with many of the roads out of here still blocked, so we are stuck in Hervey Bay until we can get out.  Thankfully, there is still a lot to see and do around here and temperatures are now back to bordering on unbearable, meaning for much of the day time is best spent in the shade by the pool!  We headed out first thing this morning to make the most of a glorious morning before it got too hot and finally had excellent views of some Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  We came across a couple of mothers with young, which weren't too bothered by us snapping away, only when a dog appeared did they hop off.

On the way back we stopped along the esplanade where many Blue-faced Honeyeaters, Little Friarbirds, Noisy Miners and a Pied Butcherbird were taking advantage of an ant nest that had become exposed, with clouds of flying ants being gobbled up.  Photographing these birds flycatching was certainly a challenge, with birds flying and jinking very quickly though the autofocus did remarkably well to keep up with them. In the end I was quite happy with a few images, even capturing the ant fractions of a second before the honeyeater did!

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