Sunday, 20 January 2013

Head in the clouds

Woke up to something I wasn't quite expecting in Katoomba this morning - rain and low cloud!  I was warned that no matter what the weather was like on the coast, up in the Blue Mountains it could be very different, and sure enough it certainly was today!  Despite this and having slept off the jetlag, we were out before breakfast on the short walk to Echo Point, and even though the rocks that make up the spectacular (or so I'm told, I'll let you know when I've seen them) Three Sisters stand over 900m and only a couple of hundred metres from the viewpoint, they were still invisible.  Spending most of the day there, the weather never improved, but despite the poor visibility, there was still a lot of birds around, including a couple of stunning Eastern Spinebills, Golden Whistler, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo and Eastern Yellow Robin, both Lewin's and New Holland Honeyeater and Red-browed Firetails, though the conditions did make identification of some birds a tad tricky.  The camera stayed in the bag for the majority of the day, only a confiding juvenile Eastern Spinebill, sadly nowhere near as stunning as an adult, was in any way photogenic.

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