Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gone with the wind

I have been told I am a jinx with the weather when it comes to camping, but when I decided to come to Australia, which is currently suffering its worst drought for over 100 years, I didn't really expect to get caught up in a cyclone!  All yesterday and last night the wind and rain were relentless, thankfully one of Toni's friends who lives in Hervey Bay took pity on us and gave us a solid roof over our heads.  First thing this morning, the wind and rain were still persisting, but nothing like yesterday.

Thankfully, by mid morning the rain had died down and a quick drive round town along the seafront showed that many birds had been caught up in the winds, with at least 3 Lesser Frigatebirds over the town and several Bridled Tern and Common Noddy flying along the beach and over the houses!

The cyclone has now moved south, but as many roads north of us are still blocked, we may be here for another day or two, but there should still be plenty to see...

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