Saturday, 5 January 2013

Waxwing lyrical

Waxwings really are the photographer's friend - they are remarkably tame, attractive and love to pose!  There have only been small numbers in Thetford this winter and then have been quite difficult to pin down, well for me but last few days a group of about 20 have lingered and showed extremely well. I've never seen them eating rosehips before and having seen them struggle to swallow them whole I can see why, they are clearly  a last resort once the proper berries run out.  Unfortunately, but the time the light had improved early afternoon having been dull and grey all morning, the sun was low and the birds were in the shadow of trees and buildings on the industrial estate where they were, and so the light on the birds was poor. Still, it seemed a shame not to take a few pictures and hopefully they will hang around until we get better light for photography.

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