Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Just another day in Thetford

Walking through Thetford in the snow with over a thousand pounds worth of camera gear in your rucksack can be a bit unnerving, especially on some of the more icy roads, but the local Otters certainly make it worthwhile.  I can't think of anywhere in the UK where Otters are as easy to see or as confiding as in Thetford, many mornings they can be seen along the River Ouse happily fishing away just a few yards from people making their way to work and dog walkers.  This morning, one Otter was doing just that along Spring Walk, at one point popping up less than 5 metres away before merrily carrying on, and just for good measure it was even joined by a Kingfisher that was taking advantage of the small fish it was disturbing.

Just to make the day complete, lunchtime saw me back with the local Black-bellied Dipper, and even though the light was again poor whilst I was there, it showed incredibly well, this is uncropped with a 300mm lens from 5m away!

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