Friday, 17 September 2010

Another day in paradise

Another fantastic day around Etosha starting with several hundred Double Banded Sandgrouse at the Halali waterhole at dawn along with a superb Verraux’s Eagle Owl which having failed to catch a sandgrouse stopped for a drink. Also White-browed Scrub-Robin, Lilac-breasted Roller and Grey-backed Cameroptera here and lots of Greater Blue-eared Starlings and a few Red-billed Hornbills around the camp during the morning, though the light was too poor early morning for many photos.

Red-billed Hornbill
Greater Blue-eared Starling
Few birds seen during a morning drive though 1 Painted Snipe, 3 African Jacanas and a pair of Red-crested Koorhans seen. A pride of 8+ Lions gave superb views by the road to Salvadora Waterhole, one female coming to within 15 metres of the car whilst the Zebras beat a hasty retreat. Also a Steenbok seen sitting in the shade by the track.


20+ Elephants present at Goas waterhole along with many Black-faced Impala and Greater Kudu and several hundred Red-billed Quelea here attracting the attention of Lanner and Gabar Goshawk.

African Elephant
Gabar Goshawk

Red-billed Queleas
An evening drive was much better for birds with a stonking Batleur circling overhead and Red-necked Falcon and Lappet-faced Vulture perched in roadside trees.


Lappet-faced Vulture

Red-necked Falcon

Several Lilac-breasted Rollers and 1 Purple Roller also seen along with 5+ Black-backed Jackals around a dying Zebra.

Lilac-breasted Roller

Purple Roller

3 Black Rhinos at the Halali waterhole at dusk along with 2 Lions and many Double-banded Sandgrouse and a Rufous-cheeked Nightjar.

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