Friday, 16 September 2011

Bears, bears, everywhere....

Having survived “The Hill” (whose reputation far exceeded the actual scariness), we finally arrived in the Bella Coola Valley.  The original plan was to go straight to the campsite, have some lunch and get sorted and then maybe have a wander up to the Bear Viewing platform afterwards.  As we drove past the viewing area we thought we’d stop and have a quick look.  Three hours later we were still there surrounded by Grizzly Bears on all sides and wishing we’d made it here a week earlier rather than by the rather protracted route we took.
The Belarko Viewing Platform is manned by a couple of jolly rangers and the whole area is surrounded by electric fencing.  That said, the bears still walk around within 50 feet of you but never appear threatening, unless you happen to look (and taste) like a Salmon.  The views though really are amazing and every movement is greeted by a series of camera shutters from the various photographers camped out there.

The light wasn't the best but the views certainly were, a few bears even walked between us and the car park meaning no-one was allowed to leave until they had moved away.  Hopefully the light will be better tomorrow, but for now.....

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