Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Double Trouble

Following a tip of from some drunk locals, we headed further up the logging tracks to a bridge just north of Fort Babine where we had been assured there were Grizzly Bears.  On arrival we did catch a glimpse of one by the river but he didn't stick around long.  There were plenty of signs in the area and the surrounding tracks were littered with fish carcasses and bear poo.

With renewed optimism, we went back in the evening where something of a twitch occurred with up to 8 would-be bear watchers manning the bridge.  The local Ospreys did their best to entertain us and a Warbling Vireo nearby was a nice addition, but as the light faded, the crowd dwindled until it was just us, when all of the sudden two young Grizzlys appeared on the road at the other end of the bridge from where we were sat.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how close you really want to meet a Grizzly), a truck came along and they ran off into the trees.

Thankfully though, they then made their way down to the water's edge and although the light by this point really was fading and the ISO had to be cranked right up to capture anything, they did show very well as close as 50 metres away.

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