Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nothing on this trip it seems will ever go to plan.

Having found the Mustangs for Toni quicker than anticpated, we had a day spare on the way back to Vancouver.  Looking at the map and the big moos-sized gap on our Mammal list we found Moose Valley just south of William's Lake and right near where we had to drive past where surely this gap could be filled.  Thankfully we stopped at a tourist information centre who told us the road there was only passable by 4x4, and although my track record of taking hire cars on tracks where I probably shouldn't, we decided against this and headed east to Wells Gray Provincial Park instead. 

Wells Gray is listed as one of THE places to look for good wildlife in British Columbia, especially many mammal species.  Unfortunately we only had the one day there which didn't leave much time for actually finding any, though a little family of Spruce Grouse by the road did at least pose for a few photos.

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