Sunday, 18 September 2011

Big Mac, Ruby and a Lady Diver please...

No, that is not the way Canadians order food at McDonald's, just the starring line up on another excellent day bear watching at Bella Coola.  Many of the bears that we have been seeing are regulars so much that the locals can tell them apart, and after only 3 days, so can we.

Big Mac is the dominant male of the stretch, a real brute of a bear with a distinctive mangled left ear, apparently from a dust up with one of the local females.

Big Mac

Ruby is a younger female with a distinctive face, much more Black Bear like in profile with her longer snout, and another bear we have seen a lot of in the last few days.


Lady Diver is a bit more difficult to tell (well for me), she's quite a big girl who I suspect is who bent Mac's ear, she looks perfectly capable.

Lady Diver

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