Saturday, 29 June 2013

Uppa Johnny, Uppa!!

Whenever we go abroad, we almost always find time to go on a whale or dolphin watching boat, and over the years we've been on some odd boats but the one out of Kos was certainly different!  We boarded the "Christina" on a Three Island Cruise out of Kos Town somewhat skeptical about the dolphins they were claiming they regularly see, however, as we approached the town of Vathis on the island of Kalymnos, the boat slowed near an offshore fish farm and then the shout went up as a group of Bottlenose Dolphins were seen.  As the dolphins came closer, the skipper began shouting "Uppa Johnny, Uppa" over and over and it seemed to have the desired effect as the dolphins jumped.  Over and over again he shouted and before long many of the people who seconds earlier had been sunbathing were joining in and the dolphins continued to perform.  Unlike on the Moray Firth where I have photographed dolphins before, here the light was fantastic and a good series of images was possible.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Thrice Bittern

Having woken up early this morning, I decided to have a pre-work visit to Lakenheath.  I have to admit I wasn't in a desperate rush to get there, so as a consequence by the time I ambled up to the spot where the Savi's Warbler has been reeling, it had shut up for the day.  Still, it wasn't all bad, as I walked along the track 3 Bitterns flew into view and for the next few minutes circled overhead croaking at each other, with another couple of males not so much booming as heavy breathing in the reedbed.

The Red-footed Falcon that was showing so well last time I was here has become a lot more elusive following a skirmish with a Sparrowhawk and the Orioles are very quiet this year but a few Marsh Harriers, Barn Owl, distant Hobby, Cuckoo, Common Tern and at least 5 singing Cetti's Warblers around the reserve, it certainly is a fantastic place to spend a few hours before reality sets in and the office calls.